Part 1, Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Panpacham, in the heat of battle, killing hormagaunts. Securing and fortifying the land with his Chapter.

Part 2, Ambush.

Order by the Council, The high Priest, ordered The Chapter to secure the planet. Yet, to the Chapter's surprise the Tyranids were there long before their arrival.

Part 3, Redemption.

The Captain and his few remaining space marines suffered immense damages to the point of having it's whole Chapter wiped from records. In their hope for survival, the Ultramarines came to aid. Burning and melting every Tyranid in their way.

Part 4, The Clean Up.

The Captain and the few remaining space marines were taken by the Ultramarines to safety and recovery. The heavily injured space marines that were left in battle were to be rescued by the Council. Yet, the Colonel and his troops, chose to do different. Killing the remaining space marines.

Part 5, The Council.

They sit behind closed doors, while using others to do their bidding.

The General, commands the armies of the imperium.

The Colonel, a businessman.

The High Priest, giving out orders.

The Accountant, he plans, he wants, power.

Part 6, Chat Time.

Orders given by the Council, the Captain and his few remaining space marines were left behind. Without reinforcements, they search the cities for survivors. A few thousand guardsmen, cluelessly were given orders to deploy oil drums across the cities. And in the presence of the Captain, the oil drums burst, while burning and melting the ground, the green substance moves towards the Captain. A familiar substance, familiar presence. The Captain absorbs it's energy.

Part 7, The Dead.

The green substance within the barrels, has corrupted, millions, countless, civilians and guardsmen. turning them into creatures of darkness. Once living, now transformed into decaying yet deadly things.. The Dead disseminates the lands, corrupting every living thing in it's way. The Captain, his few remaining space marines and the remaining of a few thousand guardsmen holds position, with what they have left, they rain fire with their bolters, lasguns and heavy flamers.

Part 8, Forgiveness.

While the Lieutenant regains his strength, the Captain waits for his recovery.


“My mind drifts towards the void, hoping for something to wake me. Yet, it is silent. It is empty, I am alone, and there is nothing.. I am in pain..” - Lieutenant panpacham

Part 9, Dreads.

The Captain returns back to the battlefield where his fallen brothers were left, his psychic abilities brings them back.. to life..

Part 10, Retribution.

The Tyranids slaughtered many Chapter brothers and killed many civilians. Roaming the land in millions. Growing and infesting.


With hundreds of battle brothers returned from the dead. Standing with the Captain, they march towards the Tyranids.


The Chapter fortifies forming a wall, pushing through, blasting and melting Tyranids with their bolters.

The Captain’s psychic abilities breaks and rips the insides of these foul Tyranid creatures. From hormagaunts to monstrously humongous carnifexes, everything within the Captain’s path is incinerated and scorched. Melting and exploding it’s organs and burning it’s brains.

The Captain’s psychic abilities, enhances the battle brothers, giving them enhanced accuracy, speed and strength. but from this, their body easily weakens. 

Giving them a short burst of energy.


Once a city has been taken over by the Chapter. The then guardsmen that fought with the Captain during the battle of The Dead, secures the city. The guardsmen cleans the decaying corpses, establishes and installs sentries and electrical fences, and rebuilds and seels cracked and broken walls.


Cities after cities, reclaimed by the Chapter. But the days are long.. and the war continues..

Part 11, Construction.

 - Lieutenant panpacham