Custom Project policy 


Custom Project Policy

- Every custom project made by panpacham will be displayed on the website, and with your approval, your first name will be included. 

- Panpacham will not proceed with a custom project unless the time and value are reasonable.

- Tell me what you want. And i will let you know if I can or can not produce what you desire. From anything miniature hobby art related. From painting a custom space marine (intercessor), from small dioramas of warhammer 40k, to little miniature pigs on green grass. 

- Projects that include space marines (intercessors) are ready supplied and included in the fee.

- Projects which require purchasing from the original plastic kit will be paid by you. Left overs from the plastic kit will be given back to you.

- Once payment has been made. Work will commence. I will send you updates on the project. Payment will be made by PayPal.

- All custom projects will be free shipping with a signature on delivery. If you are located in Australia, it will be express shipping with signature on delivery.

If you have any other questions, you can contact us on